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Arena District Pharmacy Offers Compounding for Your Prescriptions

Arena District Pharmacy Offers Compounding for Your Prescriptions

Most of us have required a prescription for ourselves or loved ones for injury, illness, or other health related concerns. Corporate chain pharmacies are often what you think of when looking for a place to have your prescription medications filled quickly. Here in Central Ohio, we have a better alternative. Arena District compounding pharmacy can offer the special care your family needs when they are ill or injured or would like a more personal experience with expert guidance. When you take your prescriptions to a compounding pharmacy, you can be assured they will able to provide the service and individual attention you need for optimum care. At Arena District Pharmacy, we are locally owned and operated and proud to be a part of the community we serve. 

What is a Compounding Pharmacy?

A compounding pharmacy differs from your local chain pharmacy in one significant way — they can “customize” medications for your specific needs. Pharmaceutical manufacturers distribute common medications in standard dosages. However, if your physician determines that you need to use a medication differently, you may not be able to get it in that form. We are trained and equipped to fulfill more complex formulating tasks as well as provide common medications at affordable prices. For more individualized service, you need a pharmacist with knowledge and experience in compounding medications in precise formulations that are safe to use and effective in their results. A closer look at what compounding pharmacies do and how they can help patients receive the most effective treatments shows how important our independent pharmacy is to our community.

Benefits of a Compounding Pharmacy

When you take your prescriptions to a compounding pharmacy, you receive a level of service and knowledge not available at most commercial pharmacies. A compounding pharmacist can provide specific formulations of the drug that are not commercially available. For example, a medication that is provided in a 30-milligram dose can be specially compounded in a 10-milligram pill that better suits your unique medical needs. Similarly, if your child needs a liquid medication that has a taste they dislike, a compounding pharmacy can formulate a more palpable alternative. Our compounding Pharmacist, Tony Buchta, has years of experience to help you and your loved ones with all your medication needs. 

A compounding pharmacy differs from your local chain pharmacy in one significant way: they can “customize” medications for your particular needs.

A compounding pharmacy can also change a medication that is in the form of a pill into a liquid that is easier for infant or baby to take. These changes can be significant ones for parents who must administer medications to children on a regular schedule. They can also create unique mixtures of medication combinations if needed, such as making medications that are free of ingredients that cause allergic reactions. They can also work to make medications that are discontinued or no longer available. These benefits make compounding pharmacies a valuable partner in helping you and your loved ones.

Choose Arena District Pharmacy for Your Prescription Medication Needs

Owner of Arena District Pharmacy and head pharmacist, Tony Buchta, is dedicated to providing a precise formulation of medications for the residents of Columbus, OH, and surrounding areas. With almost 40 years of experience, he has ensured that patients in the Columbus area receive the highest quality care to ensure the proper treatment of illnesses and injuries in both children and adults of the community. 

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